"A bright and focused group who are guaranteed to please you. They go above and beyond what's required of them."

- Sadie Miller, Sustainability Coordinator of Beaumont, AB


Beaumont is a city in Leduc County within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta, Canada. It is one of 15 municipalities that are a part of Edmonton Global. The Keep it Green Beaumont Plan is about providing goals and strategies to support the Town of Beaumont, its residents, and its businesses to work towards. The Town of Beaumont is committed to developing and maintaining an environment that enhances human health and fosters a transition toward sustainability. The government-funded initiative aims to identify ways everyone in the community can get involved in supporting Beaumont's leaner, greener future - and provide direction to help the town prioritize investments.


Being able to become part of a campaign that promotes an integrated approach to environmental sustainability, and making sure it is efficient and practical, was a tremendous honour for us. We provided materials that we knew would be seen by thousands of residents in Beaumont, with a call-to-action that focuses on families and individuals interacting with our message. Working directly in tandem with members of Beaumont's city hall also allowed content to be thoroughly planned and creative. Our work included the following: 

  • Magazine / Newspaper Adverts

  • Brochures & Guide Booklets

  • Mobile App Design & Web Ads

  • Digital Signage

  • Brochures

  • Infographics

  • Product Logos

  • Apparel


Originally a French farming community, Beaumont is now a city with 19,236 people. The government-funded Keep It Green Beaumont initiative runs year-around, with our designs being distributed in mailboxes and various displays across town.


We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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