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"We trust Hottake's creative vision which relieves much stress for us and lets our team focus on the big picture."

- Joshua Mancuso, Managing Creative Director of OeSL


The Ontario eSports League (OeSL) is the marquee brand and facilitator of both social and competitive gaming across Ontario. With the eSports industry on the verge of rapid growth, they have identified and are targeting the untapped Amateur eSports market. With over 7.6 million gamers in Ontario alone, OeSL possess the leading platform that attracts the masses and centralizes each eSport's community. They facilitate organized, social and competitive eSports leagues and events. As well as provide a platform for Amateur gamers to gain exposure and connect with professional organizations. The landscape for the Amateur eSports market is changing, and they're behind it.

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We are proud to be an official sponsor of the OeSL. With most deliverables made specifically for leagues, tournaments and events, our work has been widely circulated in city-wide campaigns and featured prominently within hosted venues. Designs have spanned across large to small-scale print, as well across digital displays and online social media platforms. Our work included the following: 

  • Large Billboard Displays

  • Jumbotron Motion Graphics

  • Print Adverts

  • Website Banners

  • Social Media Adverts


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The OeSL provides provincially exclusive online leagues. All players must be Ontario residents to be eligible for provincial league championships. Live events are thrown all across Ontario and consist of: charitable events, socials, LAN tournaments and online tournaments designed to bring all gamers together.

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We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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