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March 29, 2011

'Small Town City' wins  2011 KelenContent Pitch

Toronto, CA – Animated buddy comedy, 'Small Town City', wins big at the fifth annual KelenContent Pitch Competition held at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.


Over fifty Radio and Television Arts students pitched their dream projects to Tanya Kelen, CEO & Founder of KelenContent for the 2011 KelenContent Pitch contest.  The ten teams of five had to sell their creative concepts, sales and marketing plans - including potential worldwide sales projections, targeted distributors and general media distribution ideas.

Kelencontent was founded by Tanya Kelen, a senior television executive with over 15+ years of domestic and international experience in distribution and production of content along with digital assets. Tanya runs operations from Toronto and consults with studios and several development, distribution  & sales agents on a case-by-case basis across Los Angeles, New York, Montreal and international markets. The KelenContent Pitch contest is in its fifth consecutive year.

'Small Town City' is a late night animated comedy about two Gen-Y roommates brought together by the magic of Craigslist. Its “heroes” try to cope with the inanity of life in their small town city and, if possible, escape. 'Small Town City' was created by Alex Tomaszewski and Dan Knight. Additional presenters for the winning pitch included Tyrone Li, Marshall Jeske, Stephen Motyer and Josh Wolfe-Maxwell.

For more information on the 'Small Town City' animated series project and Hottake Media™'s original content, click here.

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Public Affairs & Media Relations

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