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January 25, 2013

'Noiropolis' Chatham Daily News television feature

Chatham, CA – Chatham native, Alex Tomaszewski, hopes his sitcom pilot project he is involved in will turn into an animated series.


The 22-year-old Chatham-Kent Secondary School graduate is one of the creative minds behind the mature animated comedy, 'Noiropolis'. It is billed as a 30-minute comedy pilot that "infuses film noir sensibilities with risque humour and just a pinch of surrealism."

Tomaszewski is a member of the production team who have spent hundreds of hours to produce the animated project. He said the project has received attention from smaller newspapers in Toronto as well as through social media. "We don't know how big our following is, but it's doing extremely well for such a small production."

Tomaszewski said 'Noiropolis' got its beginnings from a workshop on pitching ideas held at UCLA in southern California, he attended with some fellow Ryerson students, including Megan MacKay, this past summer. He said MacKay, a comedic writer who also does stand-up comedy, pitched the idea to real TV show distributors who listened to the pitches in the workshop.


"We had great feedback" Tomaszewski said. "The ultimate goal is to see 'Noiropolis' developed into a series. Just putting this film noir aspect to it, I think we're doing something different and hopefully something good comes out of it." He said a lot of hard work - an fun - has gone into the project. Just having it come together is the best feeling.

For more information on the 'Noiropolis' animated series project and Hottake Media™'s original content, click here.

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