May 22, 2013

'Noiropolis' featured at RTA Upfront Showcase

Toronto, CA – 'Noiropolis' and its pilot episode are to be featured at the 2013 RTA Upfront Showcase, headlining the Animation category.

The RTA UpFront Showcase is an annual event where select students get a chance to network with Canadian broadcasters, production companies, and other industry professionals whilst showcasing the best production work from our graduating class and beyond.

The Hottake Media™ original, 'Noiropolis' is a raunchy, surreal animated comedy with bite. Detective Miles Handey is a man on a mission, determined to clean up the streets of his beloved but corrupt hometown, Noiropolis. He'd do a pretty swell job of it too... if he wasn't always tripping over his know-it-all partner, her dweeby boyfriend, and his sassy roommate who just so happens to be a sentient French trash can. Despite the challenges at hand, Miles is determined to oust the man -- or woman -- running the show. Because in a city full of secrets, sometimes you've gotta give crime a Handey.


The gritty Noir sensibilities and stylistic aesthetic make 'Noiropolis' a visual and comedic treat that stands out from the crowd. With vivid, daring characters and a rich world full of comic promise, 'Noiropolis' is not to be missed.

For more information on the 'Noiropolis' animated series project and Hottake Media™'s original content, click here.

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