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April 01, 2019

'Tanked' world premiere in downtown Toronto

Toronto, CA – A few lucky Torontonians were able to catch the world premiere of the action-comedy web series, 'Tanked', in downtown Toronto over the weekend. The formal event took place at the Carlton Cinema, with the official afterparty at Upper Deck by Fran's.


A full-housed theatre came to experience the competition of the century on the big screen! There was popcorn, trailers, a raffle draw, a fully-licensed theatre with a Tanked-inspired cocktail, and a ton of prize give-aways. The premiere sold out a month in advance, after only 12 hours.

The Hottake Media™ original, 'Tanked', directed by Mitch Boudreau, is an action-comedy three-part web series about the depth of friendship and the violence of love. Five men with explosive tanks strapped to their backs are forced to fight to the death in a competition where the winner is granted permission to ask out their friend's hot sister. This upcoming sister. The narrative explores the true meaning of friendship (when pitted against one another in a violent game of life, death, and duct-taped explosives).

For those who could not make it, the web series launches online April 2nd, dropping episodes weekly.

For more information on the 'Tanked' web series project and Hottake Media™'s original content, click here.

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