"Versatile photographers that have an acute ability to shift gears in an instant, while never compromising quality."

- Gina Nasuti, Director of Strategy of Behaviour™ Toronto


Morningstar Farms® is a division of the Kellogg Company that produces vegetarian food. Many of their offerings are meatless variations of traditionally meat-based products, including some that are vegan. The frozen food line of soy-based meatless meats, introduced into supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide in 1975 and widely advertised, provided millions of Americans with their first experience of soy used in this way. Burgers to bacon, pulled pork to corn dogs, vegetarian to vegan; Morningstar Farms® is plant-based goodness made for everyone.


We had the pleasure of working with Morningstar Farms® who tasked our team with capturing their brand development campaign over three events in Toronto, Belleville, and Montreal. We were integral to successfully conveying their campaign missions and for capturing marketable photos of their latest products. Our work included the following: 

  • Conveyed intended spirit of event through candid shots

  • Discreetly directed talent to better tell story

  • Shaped & used given light

  • Edited all photos with quick turn-around


Morningstar Farms® products are distributed across North America in multiple grocery store outlets. The company also routinely does its own community pop-up stands to spread further awareness of their brand. These events are featured on their website and social platforms.


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