"We wouldn't even consider working with any other company. Their creativity and quality heavily grew our brand."

- Joshua Mancuso, Managing Creative Director of OeSL


The Ontario eSports League (OeSL) is the marquee brand and facilitator of both social and competitive gaming across Ontario. With the eSports industry on the verge of rapid growth, they have identified and are targeting the untapped Amateur eSports market. With over 7.6 million gamers in Ontario alone, OeSL possess the leading platform that attracts the masses and centralizes each eSport's community. They facilitate organized, social and competitive eSports leagues and events. As well as provide a platform for Amateur gamers to gain exposure and connect with professional organizations.


In addition to full service tournament coverage, we have also handled much of the pre-production including graphic design and animation for social and the upcoming tournament. OeSL events are fast paced, dynamic tournaments that present unique challenges requiring strategic preparation with an agile team to effectively capture. Our work includes the following: 

  • Shot live event for social media & advertising

  • Captured candid photos in a dynamic & quick environment

  • Quickly turned over robust edited photo-catalog


The OeSL provides provincially exclusive online leagues. Live events are thrown all across Ontario and consist of: charitable events, socials, LAN tournaments and online tournaments designed to bring all gamers together.


We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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