"Their photography is stunning and very unique. Our customers can't get enough of their pop-up galleries."

- Liz Edwards, General Manager of Monaghan Café


Hottake Media's team of creatives coordinate their talents and products into exciting photo displays and galleries, facilitating the development of brand and the product's sale. Each team member specialize in their own unique portrayal of worldwide subjects, ranging from portrait to landscape to wildlife to aerial photography. Businesses and open-space venues across Ontario, Canada have hosted Hottake-sponsored pop-up galleries to display our work for a day or for a set number of weeks. At these events, audiences not only have the opportunity to come view our art, but also have the ability to purchase physical prints as well.


Hottake Media™ and its team members are frequent travellers. This often means traveling to the other side of the planet to get that perfect shot. Our photographer's flexibility is key if travel is necessary to get a certain body of work accomplished for a client. Our work includes the following: 

  • Capture photography world wide

  • Stage galleries of Hottake network prints

  • Print production and sales

  • Travel for commissioned work


Hottake Media's travel photos are quite literally captured around the globe and are distributed worldwide through our social channels, our website and through various pop-up displays and galleries. Businesses that have hosted our content also advertise using their own marketing.


We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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