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"Incredible! The sound design gives the whole thing a sense of breathless urgency from the very first scene."

- Norman Wilner, Film Critic of NOW Toronto


Blue Ice Pictures is an independent film and television production company known for producing critically acclaimed and commercially viable films, television shows, and documentaries, with a longstanding involvement in international co-productions and studio productions. ARQ is a 2016 American-Canadian science fiction film directed by Tony Elliott. The film was released on Netflix worldwide on September 16, 2016. Robbie Amell plays an engineer whose invention causes time loop during a home invasion. He attempts to save his former lover, played by Rachael Taylor, while learning who has targeted him and why.

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From production audio to finished mix, our team at Parachute conceptualized sound from ground-up to bring the post-apocalyptic narrative beyond the borders of the film to life, as well as designed the futuristic technology seen in the film. We also restored and edited the production track and scripted, directed and edited ADR shot around the globe to complete the Hollywood soundtrack of the filmOur work included the following: 

  • Conceptualize and create soundscape to enhance story and vision

  • Assess production dialogue and generate ADR list

  • Direct and edit ADR recorded internationally

  • Edit and prepare production dialogue for theatrical mix

  • Record and create sound design and sound effects

  • Supervise and oversee mix process until completion

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Netflix has a global reach with over 150 million subscribers worldwide and works regularly with Blue Ice Pictures to produce original, regionalized content for all markets.

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We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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