"The team at Parachute and Hottake are like no other. They bring the highest of class and dedication to every project."

- Scott Paterson, Director at Wise Guise Productions 


Wise Guise Productions is a small production team based in Toronto, Canada, formed by a number of Degrassi alumni whose vision for sketch comedy far exceeds the norm of online content. Their sketch, 'Beacons of Gondor', is a parody and homage to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. In the land of Middle Earth; a father gives his son a lesson in what it means to be honourable, as a group of Rangers come to a caravans rescue. Other popular Wise Guise Production projects sound designed and mixed by our team include 'GayBro', 'Pedo My Ride' and 'QBeam' amongst others.


One of many sketches in a series, Beacons stood above the rest in concept, scale and vision. As a parody and homage to Lord of the Rings, we worked diligently to bring together director Scott Paterson’s vision and the spirit of the source material within the budget restrictions and challenges unique to short films. Our work included the following: 

  • Create realistic workflow for project given budget and time

  • Bring theatrical level sound design to small screen

  • Clean up production dialogue and utilize production effects

  • Cover necessary foley through robust sound libraries

  • Mix dialogue, sfx, foley and music in sessions with client

  • Generate stereo mix prints & stems

  • Provide support for DCP generation and playback


Wise Guise Productions has a combined reach of hundreds of thousands of followers globally through their network of social media with a market focus in North America. Their channel continues to grow in subscribers as they build our and release their content library.


We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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