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"Working with Hottake™ was seamless and joyful. The final product captured the spirit of our event perfectly."

- Daniela Kelloway, CEO & Founder of ClutchPR™


BookNBrunch is a global community of book and food lovers who meet locally to discover new hot spots, make new friends and discuss the latest read over brunch. They are a platform that connects book club organizers with amazing venues to host their club events in. Their goal is to connect readers to new book clubs and new friends with events that encourage attendees to get out of their comfort zone and break bread with strangers.

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As the formats for corporate videos have shifted to new standards defined by the limitations of media on social media platforms, the need for comprehensive music editing has grown. After finding the right piece to best convey the emotion and spirit of event, we realized the song structure, tempo and length weren’t going to perfectly meet the needs of our edit - especially considering the one minute cap on videos on Instagram. We were able to use our musical background and proficiency in audio to adjust the tempo of the song fit the edit, shorten the piece to fit the time limit, and most importantly, rearrange the structure of the song following these adjustments to ensure the emotional impact we chose it for was not lost. Our work included the following: 

  • Music referrals

  • License acquisition & management

  • Key & speed adjustments

  • Editing of song structure

  • Mixed-for-delivery

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BookNBrunch has an engaged community of over 10,000 followers who attend events across North America. These events happen numerous times a month in collaboration with many other local businesses.

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We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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