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"Can't believe they were able to save that audio. We're lucky they were able to step in and save a vital part of our project."

- Sean Deakin, Creative Producer of G Adventures


G Adventures is an adventure travel company that offers more than 700 different tours in more than 100 countries, and carries 200,000 travellers from 160 countries each year. G Adventures is known for its responsible approach to travel and together with its partner, Planeterra, has built more than 50 social enterprise projects into its itineraries with the aim of supporting local people and economies in the destinations they travel to. They offer a wide selection of small-group tours, safaris and expeditions that fit to budget. Their drive is to lead with service, push the boundaries of sustainable travel and embrace every opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of the people and places visited through their service.

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Filming on adventure-inspired locations around the globe often presents difficult, and sometimes detrimental, challenges for recording audio. G Adventures reached out to help save a section of audio filmed on a very noisey beach that was critical to conveying important information for one of their projects. Using advanced techniques and technology, we were able to restore intelligibility to the audio clip (for the purposes of this video), reduce background noise and thus potentially save the company thousands in sending a team back across the globe to re-shoot the clip. Our work included the following: 

  • Advanced noise reduction

  • Manual audio restoration

  • Rustle, click & pop removal

  • Mixed-for-delivery

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G Adventures has an online presence of over 1.5 million followers. Additionally, they carry 200,000 travellers from 160 countries each year, and employ more than 2,200 people globally in over 28 offices.

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We're always looking for new partnerships and collaborations. Let's work together!

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